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What is ABA?

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a group of science practices that uncover relations in how behavior affects the environment, and the environment affects behavior. Techniques used in ABA therapy aid in new skill development.

Why ABA?

ABA is an individualized approach to care. During ABA, caregivers and clients will collaborate with the team to determine what goals are important to them. The team will work across all aspects of the clients life to meet desired goals. LINC focuses heavily on caregiver training. Services are provided both in clinic and community settings to ensure gained skills are long lasting across all environments.

Goals of ABA?

The ultimate goal of ABA is to teach desired skills and behaviors. The focus at LINC is to enhance one's natural abilities and celebrate individuality. Our goal is to connect with our clients while addressing skills that will promote their independence and quality of life.

Parent Resources  

Caregivers and BCBA's will meet to discuss client progress as well as review data and develop the treatment plan and goals of the client served. Parent training may also be conducted with the client, BCBA's will work with caregivers to implement goals with their individual. LINC also offers group parent training focusing on specific topics.

  • Skill based training
  • Detailed progress meetings
  • Group trainings
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Early Start Education Services

Early start education services: consist of in clinic services. Depending on the individualized needs of the client these services may consist of group or 1:1 sessions with RBTs or their BCBA. A minimum of 20% of session hours provided by a RBT must be supervised by the BCBA. In clinic services also include parent training and on going assessment performed by the BCBA. When opting for clinical services caregivers and BCBA will agree upon the amount of hours as well as the targeted skill growth with a heavy emphasis in early start education, prior to starting services. BCBA and caregivers will meet regularly to modify goals.


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Stay Connected

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Language Development



Using picture exchange communication

Developing vocal language


Adult Services




Daily Living Activities



Personal Hygiene

Age appropriate chores


Toilet Training




Adolescent Services




Discrete Trial Training




Food Selectivity



Trying new foods

Allowing new foods to be on the plate


Early Preschool Model



Moving from a preferred activity to a non preferred activity

Sitting at a desk/table

Listening to a speaker

Sharing with peers

Following a schedule


Behavior Replacement



Creating/teaching coping skills

Finding incompatible alternatives to challenging behavior

Prompting functional communication in place of challenging behavior


Social Skills Groups



Having a conversation

Playing games while accepting the outcome


Establishing personal Broundaries


Leisure Skills




Parent Training



Providing parent/caregivers with the skills to implement teaching methods so progress towards

Insurance Partners

Most insurance will cover the cost of ABA services. However most providers require a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to qualify for ABA services to be covered by insurance. 

In order to start the process LINC will need an IOA signed by caregivers to share/receive information from medical providers. 

To start the prior authorization for an evaluation for ABA services a prescription is required from a doctor. 

 Goals covered by insurance: must be based on medical need and identified during the evaluation process. 

 The client’s BCBA will then recommend hours and confirm with caregivers after finishing the evaluation process. 

 After completing the evaluation process a prior authorization will then be sent to insurance to request to determined hours.

Who We Are

LINC is BCBA owned and is devoted to a collaborative treatment approach. Providing clients and caregivers the opportunity to learn and grow.

Emily Olsen


Emily offers a unique perspective to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). With over 20 years of personal and professional experience supporting individuals with a wide range of behavioral and developmental needs. Emily is dedicated to promoting growth in the field of ABA, increasing access to services and educating the community through collaboration, advocacy and training.

Morgan Walton


Morgan has been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 2019. She has worked with clients in a variety of settings including clinic, in home, telehealth and early start school preparation. Morgan has a passion for providing clients with the skills to self advocate, achieve independence and build relationships.

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